on How Much Your Email Is Worth

This week we bring you the interview with the founder and coordinator of, John Young.

Cryptome has captured our attention as it, similarly to WikiLeaks, its mission of releasing information and documents generally kept secret recently unveiled the shocking information on just how the business of selling your or Hotmail email account content by said companies, works.

Apparently, it is relatively simple – anyone from any law-enforcement agency, no matter what capacity, can contact a telecommunications provider and acquire a clear history of your IM chats, contents of your email box, or pretty much any other information collected while you’re innocently browsing the nets.

Yes, even a janitor, with a neatly submitted request on letterhead of a local law enforcement agency can purchase said information. But does this apply to ANY law enforcement in the world? Do Afghanistan police have the ability to check on Joe Schmoe’s for San Francisco communications?

Tune in to find out, and do send us your questions! And do not forget to check out for yourself, and send them some donations for their excellent work too 🙂 on How Much Your Email Is Worth