Comic Bakery C64 Theme Music

There’s a huge culture of remixing old video game music. There are entire communities like OCremix that have come full circle and have even had artists do arrangements for new releases of videos games like Street Fighter 2 HD, which featured music made by fans from OCremix.
Although there’s a lot of love for nintendo, sega, and many of the newer consoles the good old Commadore 64 has not gone unnoticed. Here is the original C64 theme music for Comic Bakery, a popular subject of remixes and arrangements. The theme music was composed by none other than Martin Galway who is considered a pioneer of chip music and an elite video game music composer. Just give it a listen.
Wait … Comic Bakery. A Comic Bakery. Like funny, ha-ha, and making baked goods. What sort of bumbling baker needs music this epic to chase away pesky raccoons that are sabotaging his bread machine? This is the sort of music you have if you’re high on Ayahuasca and you’re making cakes made out of sky. This is the sort of music you have if your baking the last loaf of bread on earth, or making a pizza pretzel for Zeus, or if baking bread was actually a metaphor for creating a galaxy with magic or nukes. Maybe he’s making food for a massive UN conference in which world peace will be achieved if and only if the various world leaders are well fed. I stay awake at night wondering how the trials of an earthy baker relates to this music. I think about his world and the people he knows and how baking is the one thing he can do to keep afloat on a sea of troubles. Much like the Divine Comedy was the tale of a mortal traveling hell and heaven for love, I get the feeling the Comic Bakery is potentially about something equally grandiose.