ComicCon Updates: Sucker Punch

One of the more intriguing (at least visually so) films to pop up on the radar is Sucker Punch. Aimed for a 2011 release, this North American take on Lolicon twists the old Alice in Wonderland with…well, hot babes and modern weapons.

Directed by Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen), Sucker Punch allows Snyder to do what he does best: combining fantasy and comics with heavy action.

The story sets on a different type of Alice: a girl with an evil stepfather is kept in a mental asylum. After a lobotomy, her escape is an internal, mental one. In her imagined, alternate reality, she plots her escape.

The story resonates the mental toils of some of our favorite TV characters: Sisko at DS9, who leads an alternate (and unexplained existence) as a black science fiction writer who ends up in a mental asylum; or Buffy (s6, e18), who hallucinates an alternate version of
illusion in which all her friends and enemies are product of a mental illness.

With names like Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung, Emily Browning, and Jena Malone kicking ass, the film promises to provide thrills with that extra streak of darkness.