Klingon Opera Returns!

Remeber what Worf did while being stranded in an escape pod for days, mourning Jadzia’s death? Singing. Singing what? Klingon Opera.

And he is not the only one. Apparently, now that we’ve learned that all those years spent watching slow-moving Star Trek episodes (no wire-work action sequences, loads of “technobabble” and moral lessons) are over, as everything will be replaced by faster, more action-oriented teens with self-righteous views of their place in the universe, some of us are getting nostalgic.

I present Klingon Opera! By Zeebelt Theatre in Netherlands, where various prototype Klingon Instruments are joined with fierce operating feats.

Here is the primer on who, what and how, and the video below is an excerpt from the actual performance held at the Zeebelt Theatre. Kaplah!