Google TV

by Irma Arkus

Google announced today that it will start its pilot TV live programming on YouTube.

Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood will be the first 4 channels that will provide live broadcasting scheduled to run from 11 ET onward.

For years now, ability to simulcast has been sitting in the shadows, despite its overwhelming potential to transform the business of broadcasting.

While Apple has been toying with the idea of iPod show, albeit not live, and reviewing the potential for AppleTV, Google is a huge contender for a spot in a remarkable technological development that will combine video content with a far more accurate, targeted niche advertising.

While YouTube emerged as a go-to video channel, initial responses from the networks were to block or remove as much content from YouTube as possible. But those days are over, say Google executives, who are seeing YouTube climbing in profits as more networks view potential content release as another avenue for advertising revenues. Live simulcast would open that unexplored market much further, allowing advertisers to receive far more accurate statistics on ratings, viewership and marketing.