WikiLeaks releases 400,000 documents, shit hits the fan

Today, WikiLeaks released additional 400,000 documents, or as we call it, the “motherload.”

While US authorities have attempted (and will continue to do so) to dampen the effects of the released documents, as well as lynch the leak, the paperwork released attests to the fact that hiding things has less to do with tactical information and military strategy, as much as it does with hiding crimes against humanity.

Most of the documentation release contains data on murders, kidnappings, and criminal activities conducted by military that would otherwise stay uninvestigated and hidden from the eyes of the public.

While it makes US look bad, that’s actually the point – if you are going to cry foul, then let that foul mean something, rather than merely hiding acts that by every international convention, someone (lots of someones) should sit in jail for – instead though, we witness authorities attempting to trample the very whistleblowing website and the leak.

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