In Production: John Carter of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs’  Basoom series is surprisingly making its appearance on the silver screen, as John Carter of Mars is at this point in post-production.

Originally, the story entails the adventures of an Earthling, Virginia-born John Carter, who after serving in the American Civil War, believes to be dying trapped in a cave only to be transported to the surface of Mars.

Carter is not an average man though. Like other Burroughs’ well-known characters, he is a super-human protagonist, one who happens to be largely immortal, super-strong due to his advantage of being from Earth, has no memory of where he happens to be from, and most importantly, is immortal, with an ability to project himself physically jumping between the two planets.

The beauty of this work that belongs to a particularly entertaining, colonial phases of literature, dancing between themes of decadence, orientalism, colonialism, otherness, is the fact that Burroughs is known for his ability to entertain.

Enchanting princesses, lush plains of Martian landscape, giants and monsters, Barsoom series has something unique to offer to contemporary audiences, even if that something will probably fail to resonate with limitations of CG technology.

But the film production boasts exceptional casting, with Taylor Kitsch in title role, joined by Mark Strong, Thomas Haden Church, Willem Dafoe, Dominic West and James Purefoy.

This cream crop of actors is directed by none other than Andrew Stanton, who recently nabbed two Oscars for Finding Nemo and Walle.

This would be Stanton’s first live action film, but if the casting and the money are indicative of anything, it is that John Carter of Mars will be getting the Philip K. Dick treatment.