Nature Holds ‘Open Innovation Pavillion’ is opening its door to readers who can participate in Open Innovation Pavillion, a set of research challenges set by InnoCentive.

InnoCentive is premised on one of my favorite subjects of discussion: open science. As in, why have all of this publicly-funded research suddenly fall into private hands, locked behind steel doors and overcomplicated copyright legislation?

InnoCentive is currently seeking problem solvers who can assist in projects regularly posted under “Solving Problems That Matter.” Currently, there is a $25,000 award for research into ´╗┐Statistical Analysis of Genomic Variants: “searching for the best method of associating genetic variants and clinical variables with clinical outcomes.” Data provided, of course.

In the “Solvers” corner, an “Ascorbate Scavenger” is the task at hand, looking for a potential method that could isolate or react with ascorbate “without affecting other endogenous and exogenous components in a mixture of human blood.”

So if you’re looking for a project, now’s your chance.