Scott Pilgrim Vs 60 Seconds

***THIS JUST IN***  Kial’s team won the top prize of the contest.

This is my buddy Kial’s entry into Virgin Radio’s 60 second film contest. The point is to take a popular movie and make a one-minute version of it. In this case he chose to re-make Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. Kial, his cast, and crew did a flawless job of emulating the original. They did such a good job that the team received props from Edgar Wright, the director of the actual Scott Pilgrim Vs The World movie:

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Kial Natale and his Vancouver-based video team – a few months ago they released a fake live-action Pokemon movie trailer that initially had the internet up in arms because Pokemon fans believed that the trailer was for an actual studio-backed movie as opposed to a microbudget fan trailer. It seems the team’s high standards for cinema and contemporary internet generation sensibilities have created a force that blurs the line between professional independent movie making and YouTube-era geeky fandom perhaps heralding a “Movie Brats” generation for a online digital age.

Virgin Radios Fake Film Festival site:

Also be sure to check out the Lord of the Rings and Saving Private Ryan entries, each notable for their own reasons.

Also search around through Kial (Megasteakman)’s YouTube profile for a behind-the-scenes looks at how his video was all done: