Why I Hate Wonder Woman, Part II

Wonder Woman always sucked in comparison to far savvier, more interesting female comic heroes (here’s looking at you, Modesty Blaise), but despite my protests, Wonder Woman is a bit like paying attention to a car crash – it is horrible, insulting, low-brow, and tragi-comic all wrapped in sexy.

As it happens, we’re going through some kind of cyclical recycling stage. When I was a kid, it was all about reruns of dated shows like Knight Rider, Charlie’s Angels, Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman. Also, the ever coll, Manimal (oh, Doctor Jonathan Chase!) It seems that we’re on the brink of a full-fledged revival of all those. Charlie’s Angels (brrrr) is getting a reboot, and so is Wonder Woman.

Now Adrianne Palicki is going to fill the boots – yes, those awkward gogo take on wrestling boots by somehow attaching a two inch heel on them for no particular reason – and first images of Palicki, known for her roles such as “evil mermaid” in failed Aquaman pilot, and Friday Night Lights.

The first glimpse of the costume released [EW.com]  indeed reveals a new Wonder Woman; the kind that relies on cheap hookerish Halloween costumes, swathed in vinyl and cheap plastic jewelry. The kind that we will see reenacted for many more decades of cheap, drunken Halloween nights. [EW.com]