Superman: New Lois Lane will be Amy Adams

amy adams is lois lane

Snyder’s latest stab at Superman has some pretty interesting casting choices. Amy Adams has been announced as the latest incarnation of Lois Lane, Superman’s love interest, known as a woman with a fierce passion for journalism, the guy in the cape, and her own career.

If you take a peek at ComicVine, Lois Lane is a brunette with a hunch for a story, in many case, Pulitzer-prize winning stuff. She is also married to Clark Kent, who happens to be Superman. The married part is very much belonging to the comic world Superman universe, rather than the cinematographic one.

Last attempt at making the Superman franchise revival, resulted in a flop and a giant disappointment for the fans of the Christopher Reeves film version of the comic. The reason? Mainly lack of originality.

But attachment of Snyder, who is currently punching competition at the box offices with his Sucker Punch, seems promising. That is, of course, unless he avoids remaking the Superman films shot for shot, which was more or less the annoying bit about Singer’s Superman Returns.