Monthly Archives: April 2011

Vote for the Internet

In Canada, Federal Elections are upon us and you know what that means – time to vote for the INTERNET.

Geeks everywhere recognize that politicians are great at appealing to a) rednecks, b) conservative family-value voters, and c) old people. Seldom do they include any subjects that we care about (not that lately I haven’t been thinking of jobs, unemployment or retirement) but OpenMedia is trying to incorporate that angle into this 2011 election, and send political leaders a clear message – to get their mitts off our Internet!!!

It’s true. ISPs are attempting to charge up to $10 per gigabite worth of traffic in the name of *some kind of excuse here* but in reality, we all know it costs next to nothing and it should not be charged anyways.

So, VOTE FOR THE INTERNET now and send your Election 2011 message, loud and clear.

Nerd Sex Tape

I’m mostly putting this here cause I’m in it, hahaha – I was Fire Mario and I fashioned a Super Mario porn stache just for the occasion. Written by Tyler “Dorkzombie” Nicol and directed by Kial “Megasteakman” Natale, two names that I probably talk about a lot since I get a lot of behind the scenes looks into their work and because they’re fairly talented.