Spiderman Reboot: Trailer: The Amazing Spiderman

watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XayxMPrUP4


The newly released trailer full of fresh faces is meant to reboot a relatively new franchise. Not unusual for a comic book, yet a relatively short time for a film franchise, the new series of films is meant to give us an alternate look at the story of the Peter Parker become Spiderman from a more organic, science-based perspective.

This new version of The Amazing Spiderman directed by relative newcomer to the action genre, Marc Webb, is a cinematic feast, providing an unusual, and much wanted, first-person perspective. Andrew Garfield who made his mark in critically acclaimed Red Riding film series is Peter Parker / Spiderman.

With John Schwartzman as cinematographer, and distinguished cameramen such as Greg Baldi (Quantum of Solace, Wanted, Eagle Eye) we’re assuredly in safe hands.

In this version of Spiderman, Peter Parker relies on genetic changes that have very much something to do with his past, his genetics, and the death of his parents.