Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler

In the latest round of interviews on the subject of Doctor Who, Moffat reveals some uncomfortable hints and truths: for one, he is less enthusiastic about Doctor Who than he is about Sherlock, as persistent rumours indicate serious cut-backs to the Doctor “reboot.”

The man who was handed over one of the most amazing and most successful franchises to date, counting not one but 3 successful series has already had enough of it it seems.

The work has been so overwhelming, what will all this reimagining of the Doctor, and the vast, significant changes to the franchise, that Moffat is just pooped. He’s simply imaginationed-out.

Now, the questions loom – will there be another season, and more importantly, when will the episodes for the seventh season air.

Meanwhile, the interview regarding the long-awaited Let’s Kill Hitler episode is out on BBC.