Samsung Defends Its Patent by Using a Sci-Fi Classic

There is a patent war at hand, and all the telecommunications companies engaged in these protracted, legal battles. In the latest face-off, Samsung’s legal team resorted to using clips from 2001: A Space Odyssey in the courtroom, enclosing image above to showcase prior knowledge of technology.

The image from the Kubrick film clearly shows astronauts browsing their electronic newsprint and white papers on what could potentially be interpreted as a Tablet-like device with rounded corners.

The film, suggests the legal team, proves that the idea of an electronic pad is a relatively old one. That really is not a superbly novel tactic, but then again, neither is the idea. We all grew up watching The Tomorrow People, or for that matter, Star Trek: TNG, in which Pickard often handles his novels on notebook-sized electronic pads.

Really, noone can deny the value of science-fiction and visual media that continuously inspire growth of technology, apart from the ever disastrous Runaway, complements of Michael Crichton, naturally.

The argument made by Samsung’s legal team thus is that Apple did little in terms of inventing the preliminary design for its iPhone or iPad.