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The Princess Bride: Reunion

HiSciFi: Copyright in Canada_Russell McOrmond

Russell McOrmond hails from Ottawa and is an outspoken critic of new measures introduced in Bill C-32, a bill aiming to reform current copyright laws in Canada, specifically those regarding draconian Digital Locks.

Tune in and let us know what you think of recently announced copyright reform in Canada:

HiSciFi _Copyright in Canada_Russell McOrmond Part I

HiSciFi _Copyright in Canada_Russell McOrmond Part II

HiSciFi: Murdoch vs WikiLeaks, plus Giant Robots



Lord of Recycling (LotR parody )

The latest Megasteakman video is out and turns the humble act of recycling into an epic battle for the fate of the world. It’s a Lord of the Ring’s parody that uses littering and environmentalism as metaphors for the forces trying to save and destroy the planet. It seems fitting in so far that movies like LotR and Avatar are almost like advertisements for the wonders of natural splendor, even if the nature is modified, or even entirely created, digitally. Whereas the heroics and the environmentalist parable that exists in these movies are out of reach of most people, simple acts like cleaning up your garbage and recycling are real gestures that serve to benefit the world. But yeah, it’s goofy parody video. Also bonus: I’m in it for a moment. I’m one of the extras playing garbage orcs. That made me really happy for two reasons.
1) I like making messes.
2) I’ve wanted to do garbage cosplay larping for years.

Miku Hastune live …. what.

It happened awhile ago, but the concerts are still going. What concerts? Miku Hastune and the vocoder characters live. Live? You mean like actors in cosplay, right? The characters are fictional they can’t really perform in front of an audience. Ha ha ha, no. It’s a real concert with a real audience and a real back up band all for a hologram performer with a vocoder voice. The people. Are there. For a hologram. And the musicians are playing for a lead vocalist made of light. Granted that at least 76% of the audience wanted to have sex with the hologram, what with the vocoder cast being 2ch memes and young girls, and there’s certainly a novelty in being among the first people to witness the validation of a sci-fi trope like holographic or android pop stars, but neither of those fully explain the surreal nature of what was just witnessed. Like holograms are cool. I’d look at one if I were at a science demo, but for hundreds of people to show up and cheer for a pre-programmed hologram is the awakening of a new age of human consciousness. It’s like all the men marrying body pillows or pretending that cartoon characters are their girlfriends have finally been recognized by the entertainment economy and have been presented with an artificial pop star to lust after in addition to their cartoon wives and girlfriends.

Then I wonder if this is really a bad thing. In many ways pop stars are vapid, pre-programmed images that exist as constructs with so substance or capacity for thought. Where as producing a pop star requires the destruction of a young person’s psyche as they’re plunged into a world of fame and entertainment industry mindwarping, programming a hologram hurts no one. Celebrity status produces insane people who have had any connection to reality severed and leaves the star in a world without authenticity. Egos and expectations reach unreal hyperbole and the result is a person who simply cannot deal with reality. It’s simple. Kill the reality. With an artificial pop star no humans had their teenage developments ruined and no parents were transformed into to greedy and abusive managers. All that’s left is a robot idol for a generation that fetishizes robots and doesn’t care if it’s made of flesh or light