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Doctor Who Q&A session

Doctor Who Q&A November 2011 by doctorwho-tv

Game of Thrones: Season 2 Preview

Glimpse of long awaited Season 2 of the greatest show in the world: Game of Thrones. Based on George R. R. Martin’s incredible series of novels, the show, made by HBO, has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. The production values are incredibly high, the writing is tight, and the characters are enchanting. I have never, to this day, seen a show that is as half as good as Game of Thrones. It is simply said, the best of TV.

Even though the show is fantasy, those uninterested in the genre will get to enjoy it too due to intricate, socio-political nature of the storytelling. Pure drama, politics, and all the gory stuff that comes along with power and humanity.

If you spent last year hiding in a cave, I suggest you watch Season 1 stat! 2012 will be all about Season 2 of this magnificent show.

Youtube roundup: Tonight I’m Frakking You and Minecraft Girlfriend

I bring you Minecraft Girlfriend. This is the story of one man’s descent into madness through Minecraft penis sculptures. I actually wrote the script for this one and it was produced by my friends at Megasteakman. I was really amazed with the ability of the actors and director to take such weird and goofy material and then maintain a sense of drama. This video was in part a response to the new Minecraft 1.0 release, although overshadowed by Skyrim and Skyward Sword (mostly Skyrim since even the new and amazing Zelda game barely made tremors in the Skyrim-dominated gamersphere). But again I’m blown away with the cinematic treatment given to a video about making giant penises in Minecraft. It looks and feels like a short film that would screen at a festival, but it’s about penises. It drips a love for cinema that is evident in everything from acting, cinematography, and the platoon references as the lead character watches his creations’ ultimate fate.

Tonight I’m Frakking you! A nerd-culture dance music video featuring actual celebrity TV and youtube talent! I feel videos like this add credibility to the microbudget video movement. It’s really cool when a bunch of hungry slumdogs pick up the camera and make a video to share with the internet for lulz and profit, but it’s also cool to see established actors and professionals joining the ranks of the internet viral videographers. What I found really brilliant was that this is the first instance I’ve seen in any media of the elusive Jedi Vulcan. The battle between Star Wars and Star Trek has been waged for an eternity. It strikes me as odd that people haven’t taken into consideration the possibilities created by combining both franchises. Imagine a force nerve pinch. Or a phaser saber, like a light saber but with an infinitely long blade and the ability to destabilize anything it touches. A mind trick combined with a mind meld is no longer a mere trick but a whole mind theater. What would happen if the Borg assimilated Sith into the collective? Phaser immunity and force lighting? That moment in the video where the cloaked hero at the dance party removes his hood set my mind free from the rigid structure of Star Wars v. Star Trek