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Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie Get It Together In Dark Matter


Joseph Mallozzi’s sales pitch shifted from television to Dark Horse Comics, and the end result is a delightful title, Dark Matter.

Premiered this January, the comic book had a strange incarnation as a television script that was passed around for a while. That is, until it was pitched to Dark Horse, and successfully made the leap.

The Nerd Generation conducted a fine interview with Mallozzi who explains the trajectory of this creative pitch: “Dark Matter existed as a pilot script first and I had to find a way to tell the same story in comic book form – tightening up the story, breaking down the narrative over those first two issues, finding a way to tell the story on the page and through a succession of panels rather than thinking in terms of acts breaks and episode cliffhangers, conveying the story in comic book format. I’ve attached the Dark Matter’s opening in both formats (television script and comic book forms) for comparison.The differences aren’t huge but it was a bit of a learning experience.”

As for what Dark Matter is about, Mallozzi added “Dark Matter takes place in a not too distant future in which multi-national corporations have colonized worlds, exploiting planetary resources and building galaxy-wide empire enforced by ships, private armies, technology, and wealth.
This colonized space is policed by a galactic authority of equally formidable strength. Our heroes are the crew of an independent ship who awaken from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. Their search for answers leads them on a journey that will put them in conflict with some dangerous galactic players…”

Shadow Government: Surveillance Society Examined

One of the rare documentaries that examines not only the consequences of surveillance, but the current ability and existing infrastructure. A fascinating film from an unlikely source: