Monthly Archives: June 2012

Heart String Marionette is totally available NOW!

I watch a lot of movies and a large majority of them are pretty forgettable, contrived, and lacking any sort of inspiration or fire. But every now and then something comes along and reminds me of why I like movies. Today it is Heart String Marionette. A movie that was five years in the making and represents a collaboration between uberector M Dot Strange (from what I understand an uberector is like a director but stronger and with more powers) and music composer Endika. M Dot Strange is a wildly imaginative filmmaker who has previously released a feature length film on youtube for FREE (TRAILER and FULL MOVIE). Also he made the feature length movie by himself, animating every scene on his own whenever he wasn’t working a day job. The music for HSM is a journey in and of itself and the soundtrack comes with the movie if you buy it online HERE FOR ONLY 5 DOLLARS – THAT’S LESS THAN HALF AS MUCH AS PEOPLE PAYED TO SEE MIB 3 (AKA Will Smith to the Future, AKA Will Smith Tigger). If you spent 6 bucks on shwarma after watching The Avengers, then you can afford to pay for this totally original movie. Shwarma’s delicious, but if you skip it, do some situps and pushups, and support the makers of HSM then you’ll be leading a fuller life. But if you really still don’t want to pay for it then you can watch it for free on youtube in a few days when it gets posted there for free by the film’s makers. But these guys deserve the money. They made something with heart and they made a film that had something to say. This wasn’t just another mindless and overproduced tent pole movie, this was a lone ape in a digital jungle screaming out because he had something worth screaming about. When the web 2.0 era began people had all kinds of dreams of a democratic media where people told their own stories and didn’t have to answer to the controlling structures that always bound the media. Largely that hasn’t happened yet and those dreams are unfulfilled for the most part. But here is the freak mutant that rises up out of the chaos with a totally original statement that answers to no one and stands up for its own image of the world. These guys deserve 5 bucks from a scattered handful or humans more than a colossal mega-studio needs 12 bucks from every single person plugged into the all-consuming dream machine. Anyways I thought HSM was a pretty sweet movie and it was refreshing to see something like it and unlike anything else.