News in Space: Life on Mars, Maybe, And First Space Colony

This week is all about space, and Internet rights… but getting back to space, NASA, yes, that crippled, public, know-nothing organisation that has recently been begging for funding, is preparing a massive press conference.

Waiting to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s the scientists hope to release an announcement related to recent soil sample analysis by Curiosity on Mars that will “change history.”

Obviously, there are one of two things that would excite the public: life on Mars, or water on Mars. Either would excite, possibly start a new chapter in history, and open doors to a new space race.

The second one is all about SpaceX. The company’s billionaire head honcho, Elon Musk, is contemplating spending his billions on a new venture that involves a space colony of about 80,000 individuals.

Location for the real estate? Mars of course.

This insane plan would involve people paying $500,000 for their one-way ticket to Mars colony. According to his interview with, Musk would initiate a base colony of about 10 people, after which construction would take place to accommodate the other billionaires.

Musk may be having ambitious goals but not ones that he would fund on his own: “Musk figures the colony program — which he wants to be a collaboration between government and private enterprise — would end up costing about $36 billion.”