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Outlander Promises a Time Travelling Romp With Kilts Flying

Ronald D. Moore is working on a new production. Moore, the creative force behind Battlestar Galactica, has a new show Outlander, based on some pretty soft time-travel romance authored by Diana Gabaldon that remind more of the Time Traveller’s Wife than anything else I can think of.

Thus far we’re promised some handsome men in tartan, ample swooning of ladies in fine corsetry and woolens, and we do have a seasoned actor Simon Callow as the Duke of Sandringham, Tracy Wilkinson as a savvy housekeeper (sorry but that’s all we know as we’re a little short on deets), and according to JustPressPlay’s Randall Unger, an ample amount of Scots in kilts.

The premise is an unusual one, summarized as a nurse flying through time only to land in midst of a Scots vs. English conflict during the Jacobite uprising, finding romance in the midst of a resistance that resonates to this day.

And of course, we are promised plenty of romance, sex, and adventure.

Just when you think Ronald D. Moore went the way of J. Michael Straczynski, he comes back with not one, but two anticipated shows, as Helix is expected to premiere in January of 2014 on SyFy.