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Commentary: On the Jian Ghomeshi Debacle

by Irma Arkus

Jian Ghomeshi is a soft-spoken radio host who works for the CBC Radio. He recently launched a lawsuit against the CBC for a bagillion dollars, which if he prevails in court, will be used to decorate his castle, I presume.

The whole maelstrom surrounding the injustice against Mr. Ghomeshi has taken the world by storm. Reddit is discussing it, The Guardian is covering it, The Tyee has written about the BDSM element that “just doesn’t add up”, so I think I feel that I can throw my 5 cents into the eye of the storm.

I find it absurd that “Canadian radio‚Äôs brightest star” would be shunned by the CBC over what he surmises are ugly rumours and unsubstantiated accusations.

After posting a letter on Facebook, in which he explains that his BDSM inclinations are being misconstrued by his employer, Ghomeshi filed a significant lawsuit against the CBC.

According to Ghomeshi, these allegations are an act of a vengeful, demonic presence that is his ex-girlfriend, and one of those filthy journos taking advantage of the situation.

Admittedly, we all dated a demon or two, but most of us never found ourselves in a situation of our high-profile employment being endangered, or worse, resulting in a public dismissal while surrounded by sinister accusations.

Unless I’m mistaken, Ghomeshi is not only a beloved radio and television star who has been removing panties of Canadian ladies with a mere whiff of his pillowy cheeks, soft throaty whispers, and fine designer duds, but he is also an employee of an unionized royal corporation. Judging by this barrage of press coverage, I will also bargain that he has a great publicist and a sharp legal team by his side.

Not only is Ghomeshi assured of certain protections that come with Canadian fame, CBC imperial shielding and substantial financial means, but considering his popularity and value to the CBC network, I find it dubious that some half-baked story spun by a vengeful ex-girlfriend would ever make for a just cause that would result in his dismissal. If there was no substance to this, we would have never, ever heard of Ghomeshi’s indiscretions and learned of his unusual dating preferences.

Ghomeshi has select protections as an employee. Doubly so as an asset of great value, and I would assume that the network would go the extra mile to absolutely make sure Ghomeshi does not face loss of income, a tattered reputation, and an overall PR nightmare simply to address some vengeful rumours and unsubstantiated accusations. I bet that the CBC would do its due diligence and conduct an investigation that would prove without a doubt that there is, in fact, a grievous cause for a dismissal of a major asset, such as Ghomeshi, prior to pulling the trigger on that pink slip.

So, what is the lawsuit really about? Ghomeshi is attempting to save his own skin, build up the presence that will make the audiences wonder “did he or didn’t he” and sow just enough confusion in the mind of the public, generating enough support that would ensure he gets another gig somewhere. This lawsuit is not about justice, but about visibility, and the fact that you and I are writing and thinking about Ghomeshi, learning how to spell his name correctly, and not reading about our dearest Rob Ford.

To assume otherwise would be a grave mistake. So, without jumping to conclusions, I would sit back, watch whatever dirt comes out next, before I jump on the Ghomeshi defense train.

I am sure that the circus has only rolled into town and that there remains a lot more to be witnessed.

Mallozzi’s and Pullie’s Dark Matter Picked Up by SyFy

In a strange twist of fate, SyFy picked up Dark Matter for a televised series, after all. The strange travails and tribulations of the concept that is Dark Matter are worth knowing for those who itch to pitch.

Mallozzi and Pullie, two Stargate franchise veterans most fans are very familiar with, attempted to bring Dark Matter to television screens only to encounter a great deal of difficulty and resistance. Their pitch died in executive halls, much bleeding was had, but after some creative thinking, the two turned the concept into a comic book script that eventually got picked up by the Dark Horse Comics.

In a strange twist of fate, and this is for all those “try and try again” creative urchins, the Dark Horse Comics version of Dark Matter got picked up for a televised pilot by SyFy.

Malllozzi’s and Pullie’s hard work will be paying off in droves. The creative concept at the core of Dark Matter is described by Mallozzi as the story of a “crew of an independent ship who awaken from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. Their search for answers leads them on a journey that will put them in conflict with some dangerous galactic players”, set in a universe dominated by “multi-national corporations [that] have colonized worlds, exploiting planetary resources and building galaxy-wide empire enforced by ships, private armies, technology, and wealth.”

Executive producers are Jay Firestone, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie and Vanessa Piazza. The series will be distributed internationally by Endemol Worldwide Distribution.

Mallozzi promises us an adventure with a sense of mystery. We’re all dying in anticipation to see more.