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Girls With Swords

I’m really proud of this video. It’s the pilot for what could become a webseries being made by my friends and myself. Drawing on elements from 8-bit genres, anime, table-top RPGs, and video games, the show tells the story of three women with magical swords as they seek adventure and fight evil. I was there from pre-production to post-production and the entire thing was a battle against time in order to complete the video. The project was very effects-heavy and took a huge effort of compositors, music, art design and digital effects people to achieve the look and feel of the show. On the shooting day, we had a relatively small and tight crew, but the shoot was still hard because of the small room we were working in (which didn’t have AC installed yet!) To cool the room we brought milk jugs filled with frozen water and stacked them up in front of an electric fan that we turned on between set ups.

Youtube roundup: Tonight I’m Frakking You and Minecraft Girlfriend

I bring you Minecraft Girlfriend. This is the story of one man’s descent into madness through Minecraft penis sculptures. I actually wrote the script for this one and it was produced by my friends at Megasteakman. I was really amazed with the ability of the actors and director to take such weird and goofy material and then maintain a sense of drama. This video was in part a response to the new Minecraft 1.0 release, although overshadowed by Skyrim and Skyward Sword (mostly Skyrim since even the new and amazing Zelda game barely made tremors in the Skyrim-dominated gamersphere). But again I’m blown away with the cinematic treatment given to a video about making giant penises in Minecraft. It looks and feels like a short film that would screen at a festival, but it’s about penises. It drips a love for cinema that is evident in everything from acting, cinematography, and the platoon references as the lead character watches his creations’ ultimate fate.

Tonight I’m Frakking you! A nerd-culture dance music video featuring actual celebrity TV and youtube talent! I feel videos like this add credibility to the microbudget video movement. It’s really cool when a bunch of hungry slumdogs pick up the camera and make a video to share with the internet for lulz and profit, but it’s also cool to see established actors and professionals joining the ranks of the internet viral videographers. What I found really brilliant was that this is the first instance I’ve seen in any media of the elusive Jedi Vulcan. The battle between Star Wars and Star Trek has been waged for an eternity. It strikes me as odd that people haven’t taken into consideration the possibilities created by combining both franchises. Imagine a force nerve pinch. Or a phaser saber, like a light saber but with an infinitely long blade and the ability to destabilize anything it touches. A mind trick combined with a mind meld is no longer a mere trick but a whole mind theater. What would happen if the Borg assimilated Sith into the collective? Phaser immunity and force lighting? That moment in the video where the cloaked hero at the dance party removes his hood set my mind free from the rigid structure of Star Wars v. Star Trek

Duke Nukem Fan Trailer

It’s been a good year for fan trailers. Fan trailers based on video games have been getting a lot of love in particular. Earlier we saw the online release of Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and Pokemon: Apokelypse. Tempered with tongue-in-cheek humor these microbudget productions feature a level of commitment and production value unlike the typical youtube video.
Roughly a quarter of the The Duke: Fate of Humanity consists of a girl stripping. This could be critically interpreted as a lack of content or structure, but in all honesty I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Duke Nukem movie. There’s a lot of ways you can go wrong with a Duke Nukem movie but this fan trailer delivers totally. Everything from the hardy, beefy actor used to portray a stoic badass like Nukem to the gun, babe, and action pumped world in which he resides. I’m ready to say that this was the best thing to happen to the Duke Nukem franchise on this side of the new millennium. The only thing better than this would be if someone had actually finished making Duke Nukem Forever — oh wait! They have! People were playing it at PAX. Everything’s coming up Duke. Assuming the game is finally released for people to buy and own, and that the newest Duke Nukem Forever demo wasn’t just part of the biggest vaporware troll in video game history, then this fan trailer would sit nicely with Duke Nukem’s triumphant return to the world of testosterone-dripping violent fantasy entertainment. I want to say it, I want to say it: Hail to the King, Baby.

1337 VVii ╠╣ 4 © |< $

There’s a whole movement around hacking the Wii remote’s infrared sensing capabilities. This video demonstrates how a Wii -mote can be used to cheaply make an interactive digital whiteboard or can utilize head tracking to create a 3D virtual reality interface.

Pokemon Apokelypse: Live Action Pokemon Fan Trailer Revealed


Yep it was all a hoax. Good on those of you who spotted it. Shot in Vancouver it was made by SFU film students and local actors. If you’ve ever been to SFU or watched Stargate then you might even recognize some of the locations. The writer and co-director, Kial Natale, has no intention on extending it to anything more than a trailer, so the impassioned roars of an outraged internet crying out in anger over seeing their favorite franchise turned into a B-movie will finally be assuaged. No M. Night Shyamalan, no Nintendo going insane, it was all just a joke and loving tribute made by film-savvy fans.

It draws attention to the accelerating skill and dedication that we’re seeing in fan works. Short videos shot by teens with camera phones and camcorders with pirated MP3 soundtracks have evolved into detailed productions with rented camera, lighting and sound equipment, actor auditions, professional level CG modeling and animation, and custom orchestrated soundtracks. The gap between the professionals and the amateurs shrinks as fans stand up, take the media they enjoy and make it their own. This project literally began like fan fiction, with words on pages exchanged between fans, but rocketed into a production we can watch and listen to in HD. The people who worked on it may have been film students, but such skills needed to make such a video aren’t out of the reach of the average fan. Natale taught himself how to model in 3D, animate and composite on his own time while working multiple jobs. The video was shot, edited, and scored in the time people had after work and between life. It’s efforts like this that usher in an age where fans can become participants in the media, in their media.

Comic Bakery C64 Theme Music

There’s a huge culture of remixing old video game music. There are entire communities like OCremix that have come full circle and have even had artists do arrangements for new releases of videos games like Street Fighter 2 HD, which featured music made by fans from OCremix.
Although there’s a lot of love for nintendo, sega, and many of the newer consoles the good old Commadore 64 has not gone unnoticed. Here is the original C64 theme music for Comic Bakery, a popular subject of remixes and arrangements. The theme music was composed by none other than Martin Galway who is considered a pioneer of chip music and an elite video game music composer. Just give it a listen.
Wait … Comic Bakery. A Comic Bakery. Like funny, ha-ha, and making baked goods. What sort of bumbling baker needs music this epic to chase away pesky raccoons that are sabotaging his bread machine? This is the sort of music you have if you’re high on Ayahuasca and you’re making cakes made out of sky. This is the sort of music you have if your baking the last loaf of bread on earth, or making a pizza pretzel for Zeus, or if baking bread was actually a metaphor for creating a galaxy with magic or nukes. Maybe he’s making food for a massive UN conference in which world peace will be achieved if and only if the various world leaders are well fed. I stay awake at night wondering how the trials of an earthy baker relates to this music. I think about his world and the people he knows and how baking is the one thing he can do to keep afloat on a sea of troubles. Much like the Divine Comedy was the tale of a mortal traveling hell and heaven for love, I get the feeling the Comic Bakery is potentially about something equally grandiose.


New York invasion by 8-bits creatures !
PIXELS is Patrick Jean’ latest short film, shot on location in New York.

Written, directed by : Patrick Jean
Director of Photograhy : Matias Boucard




The Weird: Muscle March for Wii

During our last broadcast, Tarek mentioned “Muscle March” for Wii and as promised, we want to share the weird, the amazing, and the funny.

Apparently, the guy in the football suit steals the protein powder from muscle men. As a body builder, you run after him through various “holes in the wall” but as you cross the wall barrier, you must assume the correct muscle pose to gain points. Simple? Not if you don’t know your poses. Also, hillariously, the assumption is that these are muscle MEN (and a polar bear?) poses, rather than just body-building poses, kind of farting in the general direction of all those lovely body-building ladies. Either way, Muscle March is undeniably weird, colourful, and oh so very Japanese.

Here is Muscle March!

Eidos Big News: Deux Ex and Thief 4 Are In Production!

by Irma Arkus

Today’s big news is all about Thief 4. The game has been confirmed to be in development by Eidos. Additionally, Deux Ex, the third installment in the franchise is in production. Deus Ex 3 is actually going to feature a prequel, rather than a sequel to Deux Ex 2, which is a bit of a relief – the second installment was after all, a major disapppointment for the fans of the games.

MAD MAX, The Game

by Irma Arkus

Gaming Target reports on the Mad Max video game, based on the iconic film franchise.

Yeah, now that the 80s are back in full bloom (or is it the 30ties depression era?), the whole DIY wardrobe/crazy murderers and makeshift societies in a post-apocalyptic setting, all together sounds like good times.

While Mad Max director George Miller and God of War II director Cory Barlog were “working” on the game, making most of us squirm in our waiting seats, upon revisiting the issue of the Mad Max game, it turns out that no progress has been made.

O.K. so not necessarily NO PROGRESS. But they did admit that the game will take a few years to finish. So, we just have to cool our heels, and enjoy Mel Gibson as the Jesus man, rather than the plucky, leather-clad hero we all remember fondly.