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Kill The Noise Pt. I video

This is the official video for Kill The Noise by … Kill The Noise. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic future savaged by man-eating ghouls ruled by a mechanical overlord. It’s got zombies, zombie killers, and d-d-d-dubstep – three things that go together pretty well.

I got to see some of the behind the scenes work that went into the video and boy did a lot of work go into those effects.


So my buddies down at Megasteakman have uncovered some deleted scenes from George Lucus’ endless reimaginings of the Star Wars Franchise. Yes, it’s all about the No’s. The guys at Megasteakman are longtime friends of mine, and they’re committing to a fairly rigorous schedule of releasing videos, so I’ll be reposting them here as they come. Be sure to check out their old videos for fun like laser tits and even more boobs.

On the topic of youtube vids I’d also like to talk about:


Featuring Mike Diva and his brand of high octane dubstep special effects malestrom. I’m really amazed at his ability to include dubstep in every video he makes with the exception of the (non-dubstep) music videos he does. That being said the Dubstep Guns video is really a marvel. I had to watch it with a stuttering connection and even the freeze frames of the dubrays were fairly glorious.

Klingon Opera Returns!

Remeber what Worf did while being stranded in an escape pod for days, mourning Jadzia’s death? Singing. Singing what? Klingon Opera.

And he is not the only one. Apparently, now that we’ve learned that all those years spent watching slow-moving Star Trek episodes (no wire-work action sequences, loads of “technobabble” and moral lessons) are over, as everything will be replaced by faster, more action-oriented teens with self-righteous views of their place in the universe, some of us are getting nostalgic.

I present Klingon Opera! By Zeebelt Theatre in Netherlands, where various prototype Klingon Instruments are joined with fierce operating feats.

Here is the primer on who, what and how, and the video below is an excerpt from the actual performance held at the Zeebelt Theatre. Kaplah!

Bach’s Lituus Reconstructed After 300 Years

Some of Bach’s compositions were written for Lituus, a horn instrument, similar to a trumpet. But the instrument itself has disappeared, with no surviving examples to be found. Until now, that is.

Lituus is two-and-a-half metres long, with a curved, bell-shaped end. And the recreation was done using a computer program by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) that re-designed it based on description of appearance and sound found in literature. [ TelegraphUK]

Worth Listening To: Echo and the Bunnymen “Killing Moon”

by Irma Arkus

Sweating it to the oldies and goodies with Echo and the Bunnymen, the band that started way, way, way back in 1978, in Liverpool. The punk-rock sweetness of the Echo and The Bunnymen, makes it a band that to this day sounds fresh, contemporary, and meaningful.

Listen to the Killing Moon here.

Malajube: Older, Wiser, Coller with “Labyrinthes”

by Irma Arkus

Montreal’s Malajube captured my attention a few years back with their release Trompe L’Oeil (2006), a highly enjoyable, edgier indie pop-rock tunes, with significantly tastier titles like ‘Jus de Cannenberges,’ ‘Fille a Plumes’ and ‘Pate Filo.’ Filled with

Well, now Malajube is mightier than god, their image gracefully floating across pages of magazines, and everyone is tuning into their new album, Labyrinthes.

The Dears, Arcade Fire, and Wolf Parade are all familiar names that seem to be thrown in for good measure, but unncessarily so, as Labyrinthes deserves to be evaluated on its own merits.

And there are plenty of merits to Labyrinthes. The album is called by many “strange,” but features a healthy dose of prog-rock, sprinkled with heavier, moody funk added into its arraignment of sounds.

Classics: Eartha Kitt’s “I Want To Be Evil”

by Irma Arkus

This Halloween, we delight and celebrate, and amongst the movies that overjoy, horrify, and excite, we need to give you some tunes too: I present you with Eartha Kitt. Earthy, sexy, burleque-ish, “I Want To Be Evil.” Find out what a cat/catwoman with a voice of a callibri can do. Check out the video/song here.

Robot Dancing Competition

From 1983, so it is one year off being an Arctic Monkeys reference, but nevertheless, so cool. ROBOT DANCERS!!!

A Song For An IRC BOT!

That is right. Basshunter, who I think is German, lays down this slammin Eurobeat song dedicated to none other than an IRC BOT. Check out the video over on Youtube and get funky! He also does one about dotA which is also totally awesome.

Play Music Online

Over at Pascal’s Toy Piano you can plunk away at an online toy piano and compose your own little ditty or do slamming electronic covers of new wave blasphemies. ROCK ON!